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LaPaz County Assessor Info


LaPaz County Stretches from the Bill Williams River south to the Yuma County line. The Assessor’s web pages comprise the Town of Parker and the Entire County, providing very advanced real estate parcel information.

Parcel ID: This is an 8 digit number (xxx xx xxx) and it can be found on the tax bill; this is the easiest criteria to search with. So, once you have it, keep it.

Address: The numbers only from the address will return a list of all streets for you to pick that address from. Remember, when you find what you are looking for, note the Parcel ID number.

Name: The last name is best and it returns a list of that name, often a long list, so you will usually need the first name(s) also to pick the correct one. And, it must be the 1st owner on the record, which is fine if there is only one last name involved. If there are multiple owners with different last names, you may need to try each one. You can also search by first names, but that is usually the last resort unless it is a very unique name.


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